On the storage of dry goods in furniture design panel design (II)

2022-07-20 15:32:38

6、 Insert mortise.

The form of mortise joint is inserted into the solid wood splicing type, which is also called tenon or square tenon splicing. Before splicing, the joints of narrow solid wood plates shall be processed into a plane, mortised, and the plane shall be bonded with a tenon or square tenon. This type of joint is the extension of flat splicing, and its splicing strength is higher than that of flat splicing. The machining accuracy of the inserted mortise hole is high, especially when square mortise is used, the machining of the square hole is complex and the machining accuracy is low, so it is difficult to ensure the quality of the joint.

7、 Threading splicing.

Solid wood parquet prison stripe pattern. Stripe splicing is a form of solid wood splicing, in which tenons and grooves are processed at the joints of narrow solid wood plates. Plywood strips are generally used as splicing strips, and the joint surface is bonded with adhesive. The perforated splicing structure has high splicing strength, simple processing, easy alignment and can prevent unevenness. However, the low production efficiency limits its wide application.

8、 Wear and match.

Solid wood splicing with wear-resistant splicing form. Strip splicing is a form of solid wood splicing. The upper surface of the solid wood narrow board is processed into dovetail wedge grooves, and then the corresponding wedge strips are inserted. The splicing of solid wood narrow boards adopts flat splicing or other forms, and each joint adopts bonding. The splicing structure with wear has high bonding strength and also plays a role in preventing splicing warpage.

9、 Dark screw splicing.

In the solid wood splicing, the dark screw splicing is a solid wood splicing form in which a spoon shaped hole is opened on one side of the joint of the narrow solid wood board, a screw is screwed on the other side, the screw head is inserted into the round hole and pushed into the narrow slot, and the other joint surfaces are bonded with adhesive. The panel made of dark screws has no trace on the surface and high bonding strength, but the processing is very complex and is rarely used in modern furniture production.

10、 Open screw assembly.

In the solid wood splicing type, the exposed screw splicing form is the solid wood splicing form, the back of the splicing plate is drilled with conical concave holes, the wood screws are bolted and spliced with adjacent plates, and other joint surfaces are bonded with adhesive. The open thread splicing structure has simple processing and high joint strength, but circular and hollow holes and thread traces are left on the surface of the splicing plate, which affect the appearance, so it is rarely used in modern furniture production.

The above ten conventional solid wood widening methods have their own characteristics and scope of application, which need to be selected according to the specific situation.


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