Small dry goods for purchasing solid wood furniture

2022-07-20 15:43:44

Small dry goods for purchasing solid wood furniture

Good furniture can accompany us in a good time at home, so it is particularly important to choose good furniture. There are skills in how to choose and buy high-quality furniture. We should also learn maintenance skills in the use of furniture, so that we can better use it. Now let's learn about the maintenance and purchase of solid wood furniture.

1、 Selection of solid wood furniture

1. It will press. Press all parts of the furniture gently, and check whether the stress points and supporting feet of the furniture are solid. Good solid wood furniture is stable and sufficient, and there will be no feeling of vanity shaking.

2. Yes. The texture of solid wood furniture is clear, tight and delicate. We should carefully identify the texture of furniture, see whether the texture inside and outside the furniture is consistent, and avoid buying furniture that is only pasted with solid veneer.

3. Can touch. The surface of good solid wood furniture is smooth and exquisite, and the paint surface is properly treated, which will not be too thin or too thick.

4. I can smell it. Solid wood furniture has a natural fragrance of wood, while the panel furniture has a pungent smell of glue, which can be distinguished by careful identification.

2、 Attention should be paid to the purchase and maintenance of solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture maintenance

1. Indoor humidity

The indoor humidity of solid wood furniture must be slightly higher than its own moisture content, so customers should understand the moisture parameters of solid wood furniture when purchasing furniture, and refer to the operating environment humidity marked on the manual

2. Surface protection and cleaning

Although solid wood furniture is durable, its paint surface is very easy to fade. Therefore, it is necessary to wax the furniture often. You can first use a wet rag dipped in some neutral detergent to gently wipe the surface of the furniture, and then follow the texture of the wood. After finishing, use a dry rag or sponge dipped in professional wood wax to wipe. Wax should take the center as the origin, first around and then center. But don't wax too often. It's better to wax once or twice a year.

3. Mortise and tenon structure cannot be forgotten

Mortise and tenon structure is very important for solid wood furniture. Once it looses and falls, solid wood furniture can't continue to be used. Therefore, it is usually necessary to check whether these joints show parts falling, degumming, tenon cracking, tenon loosening, etc. If the screw and other parts fall, you can clean the screw hole first, then fill a thin wooden strip in the hole, and finally install the screw from the beginning. If the tenon cracks, it needs to be handled by professional maintenance personnel.


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