Toy building blocks

Qingdao Jilong Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It has grown from a 300-square-meter workshop to a 7,000-square-meter workshop. It has solid wood equipment and bent wood furniture production lines. The main business is: bent wood

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Toy building blocks

Qingdao Jilong Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 2000, has grown from 300 square meters to 7000 square meters. It has solid wood equipment and bent wood furniture production lines. It has 5 technical developers, 100 employees and an annual output value of 10million yuan.

The main businesses are: curved wood furniture, various special-shaped bent wood products, finished products, semi-finished products, Miller chair, children's leisure chair, leisure chair, children's desk, swivel chair, solid wood furniture, solid wood chair, round stool, children's stool, bar stool, children's solid wood bed, baby chair, etc.

The company attaches importance to scientific and technological development, and has an independent new product development department, which specializes in the development of bent wood furniture and solid wood furniture and other order designs entrusted by customers.

With the purpose of quality, reputation and rich industry experience, our factory has established good partnership with customers at home and abroad, such as South Korea, the United States, Japan and so on. The annual export volume has reached 2million yuan. There are bosom friends at home and abroad. Tianya is like a neighbor. Let the network become a bridge for our cooperation and communication. We warmly welcome your arrival.

Brand: Jilong furniture

Suggested retail price: ¥ 12.00

Starting batch: ≥ 20 sets

Material: solid wood

Applicable occasion: School

Applicable population: Children

Style: simple

Model: 01

Can it be customized: Yes

Trade attribute: original foreign trade order

Color: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white

Size: multiple combinations

Specification: 00

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